Angels.. yes, those beings we usually depict with a pair of big wings and a halo over their head, them… Do you want to know a secret? You do? Here goes: They – Are – Real!


Not only are these beings of pure unconditional love real, one of their tasks is to help you lead a wonderful life, filled with love, joy, peace and abundance.


How? To start with, you – like everyone – have at the very least one, but often several angels that are with you, that can help you with anything. Under one condition: you have to ask for their help, as our gift of free will does not allow them to interfere without our permission.


Copyright Walter Bruneel image
“Gabriel Messenger”

Aside from your personal angels there are many other angels you can ask for help, like the archangels, who each have their own ‘specialty’. One of the archangels, Archangel Michael, has given us techniques and meditations through Ronna Herman that help us to create and live a wonderful life, and that teach us to stand in our power completely, as a master of our own lives.


The Chalice offers the Quest For Mastery workshops in which you can learn all about Archangel Michael’s teachings. Anybody can take part in these workshops, whether you’ve been on your spiritual path for some time already, or if you just love angels, all you need is an inquisitive mind. In Archangel Michael’s words: “We now offer these simple rituals to you as a gift, dear ones, If you will put them into daily practice, we assure you that your life will be transformed for the better in a miraculously short time.”





Walter Bruneel draws form from light. Several pieces of his art grace this website. Check out his art at and the workshops, courses and soul portraits he does on



Keith A. Kay is the wonderful artist who created the mandala of The Chalice. Keith has taken the principles of Ancient Numerology, Color Therapy and movement and integrated them into Organic Fractals with complex algorithms to produce his Energy Mandalas




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