Fabienne’s roots are in the southern part of the Netherlands, where she grew up in a family that had always been openminded with regard to personal spiritual development.

Her spiritual quest has led her to a wide variety of spiritual teachings and healing modalities. As beautiful and special as all of these experiences were, none struck a chord like the wisdom teachings of Archangel Michael as given to us through Ronna.

We have the privilege of being alive during one of the most beautiful and most exciting times: the transition to a higher dimension. The many vehement changes in our society and our personal surroundings that come with this transition, however, can be quite disheartening. How does one stay centered during these often confusing times, and how can you attain the life of your dreams? The answer lies in Self Mastery.

Self mastery entails choosing the path of love over that of fear with every choice you make, for the greatest good of all and always coming from a place of the highest integrity.

Archangel Michael’s wisdom teachings as presented in the Quest For Mastery seminars hand you the tools to achieve that Self Mastery – thus enabling you to live the life of your dreams. We are masters, and we have everything we need already inside of us. It is for a reason that Archangel Michael addresses us with “Beloved Masters” in his messages.

As a Level IV Quest For Mastery teacher, Fabienne is able to certify other people as QFM teachers. Since September of 2014, she has been faculty member of the Quest For Mastery school, assisting Ronna and Randy in spreading Archangel Michael’s wisdom teachings.

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