Fabienne finds her roots in the southern part of The Netherlands. She grew up in a family that was always open minded with regard to personal spiritual development. Her spiritual quest has led her to a wide variety of spiritual teachings and healing modalities. As beautiful and special as all of these experiences were, none struck a chord like the wisdom teachings of Archangel Michael.

Fabienne has been following Archangel Michael’s teachings through Ronna since 2007. She became a QFM instructor in 2011 and a Level IV Quest For Mastery instructor in 2012. Since September of 2014, she’s been a faculty member of the Quest For Mastery school. As the Star*Quest European Executive Facilitator she has assisted Ronna and Randy in spreading Archangel Michael’s wisdom teachings for the benefit of others.

Ronna and Randall were instrumental in introducing Fabienne and her husband, Bryan Tilghman, author of “Telos welcoming New Earth”, to each other on the Great American Eclipse in 2017. That same day, Archangel Michael told Fabienne, through Ronna, that she is here to serve as an intermediary between the Devic/Elemental Kingdoms, the angelic kingdoms, humanity and the Earth. Via the memory seed atoms she embodies and by applying Archangel Michael’s teachings, she assists the Elemental Kingdoms in transmuting the negative energy patterns that have been created over thousands of years by an unwakened humanity. After living in Mount Shasta for a short time, Fabienne and Bryan have been guided to Maryville, Tennessee.