If you want to become a certified QFM teacher

Everyone is encouraged to share Archangel Michael’s teachings, certified or not. A certified QFM teacher has demonstrated knowledge of the material by presenting a topic from the appropriate level. A QFM teacher may be certified by Ronna, Randy Monk or a Certified Level IV Master Teacher like Fabienne.

Only certified QFM teachers are authorized to issue a QFM Certificate of Completion. Certified teachers are also authorized to use the QFM logo on their business card, brochure and website.

If you feel nudged by Spirit to become a QFM certified teacher, make sure you subscribe to the monthly newsletter in which certification classes will be announced.


  • Purchase the reference materials that are required for the level I and II teacher certification: Scripting Your Destiny (English, available at www.RonnaStar.com). Highly recommended for teacher reference, but not mandatory: the ‘Becoming an Alpha Master’ audio program (available at www.RonnaStar.com as CDs and at www.TimelyGuidance.com as MP3s).
  • Purchase the reference materials that are required for the level III teacher certification: Reference & Revelations, Glossary & Illustrations (English, available at www.RonnaStar.com).
  • After reviewing the above materials, participate in a QFM e-program, webinar or live event for the level(s) that you seek to be certified for. Follow such an e-program, webinar or live event with a certified QFM teacher.
  • Fill out and send your QFM Teacher Application Form to Fabienne and participate in a QFM Teacher Certification webinar or seminar. During this webinar/seminar you will present one or more assigned topics; your teacher application is submitted at this time. Abundance exchange for the certification is set by your teacher and may vary.
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