QFM Levels

We have the privilege of living in one of the most beautiful and most exciting times: the transition to a higher dimension. The many vehement changes in our society and our personal surroundings that come with this transition, however, can be quite disheartening. How does one stay centered during these often confusing times, and how can you attain the life of your dreams? The answer lies in Self Mastery.

Self Mastery entails choosing the path of love over that of fear with every choice you make, for the greatest good of all and always coming from a place of the highest integrity.

Archangel Michael’s wisdom teachings as presented in the Quest For Mastery seminars hand you the tools to achieve that Self Mastery – thus enabling you to live the life of your dreams. We are Masters, and we have everything we need already inside of us. It is for this reason that Archangel Michael addresses us with “Beloved Masters” in his messages.

In levels I, II and III of the Quest For Mastery seminars/webinars you will learn the techniques and meditations outlined below. Do not feel daunted by any terminology you’re unfamiliar with, these will become clear during the seminars. Archangel Michael’s teachings are open to everybody, whether you’ve been on your spiritual path for some time already, or if you simply love angels – all you need is an inquisitive mind.

Level I:

  • Alpha State I & II: learn how to move into alpha state at will, and thus tune in on the cosmic stream of wisdom and increase your extrasensory perception abilities
  • Infinity Breath I & II: these breathing exercises open up the higher dimensional levels of your brain and give you access to higher frequency levels of consciousness – and clear your body of discordant energies
  • Toning: Tibetan chants balance the chakra system and help you to access the five higher galactic rays of God consciousness
  • Group Pyramid: find out what it feels like to be in a fifth dimensional group pyramid, and to reconnect with that group’s energy later on by returning to it
  • Seven Crystalline Spheres of Higher Consciousness: experience this meditation as a way to create joy, peace and abundance and to gain more access to your will power, intuition, insight and inner wisdom
  • Abdominal Breathing: our breathing has become shallow over time, yet little babies still intuitively do what is right for us. Learn why abdominal breathing is important

Level II:

  • Universal Laws of Manifestation: the universal laws you need to adhere to in order to consciously manifest. These are neutral laws that apply to everyone, with no exceptions
  • Personal Work Pyramid of Light: learn how to create a personal work pyramid in the fifth dimension and how to go there to manifest your heart’s desires that are in alignment with your Divine plan, to find solutions for any situation or challenge, and to resolve conflicts with people in your life
  • Personal Pyramid of Light: learn how to create a pyramid of light in the fifth dimension and how to use this for your personal healing and growth. A sanctuary where only you, your Higher Self and your angels can come
  • World Pyramid of Light: learn how you can help the angels and Mother Earth by contributing in the World Pyramid to your own highest good, and the greatest good of humanity, Mother Earth and all Creation
  • Familiarization with the Seven Rays of God Consciousness and the five higher Rays: the seven rays that corrrespond with the seven chakras in our body are the Rays that radiate the qualities, virtues and attributes of God Consciousness to us via the sun in our solar system. The five higher galactic rays are combinations of the seven rays with Creator Light, and correspond with our galactic chakras
  • Diamond Core God Cell: a meditation that gives you a Divine transfusion of Light that flows through you and out again into the world
  • Violet Flame: in this mediation you will experience a merge with your God Cell and your Higher Self, and you will transmute discordant energies of this lifetime and previous lifetimes

Level III:

  • Expand on the techniques you’ve learned in Level I & II: the Alpha State exercise, Infinity Breath,
 toning, Personal Pyramid / Work Pyramid of Light
  • Experience the Infinity Breath with Binary Sequencing to speed up the process of building your body of light and to restore your connection with the higher dimensional levels of existence
  • Learn the Infinity Breath with the Flower of Life to share the Adamantine Particles with the world and to activate personal attributes
  • Experience the Mer-Ka-Ba/Mer-Ki-Vah meditations to receive the five higher Rays, transmute fears and phobias, and to take control of your consciousness from the vantage point of a master
  • Experience the ‘Opening the Seven Seals of God Consciousness’ to release and process old, impacted energy patterns and to move on to the next level of consciousness
  • Learn how to live each day as a Master
  • Learn how to receive an infinite supply of Divine Light Substance and to send these Particles into the world through the Sacred Heart – Adamantine Particles meditation
  • Experience the City of Light meditation that lets you integrate refined frequencies of Light
  • Learn how to build an Ascension Column of Light