Ronna Vezane

Ronna Vezane is internationally known as a messenger for Archangel Michael. His messages of hope and inspiration through Ronna have been featured in hundreds of New Age and spiritual publications around the world, and translated into most major languages.

Archangel Michael refers to Ronna as a Cosmic Telepath, rather than a “channel” since there is an interactive relationship and communication between himself and Ronna.

The messages that Archangel Michael has given us through Ronna over the years contain many transformational techniques to help us in our ascension process (ascension: the natural evolution of humanity into a more evolved state of being ~ from Reference & Revelations). And these techniques are taught in the seminars/webinars of the Quest For Mastery School.

The Quest For Mastery School has been founded and is directed by Ronna, and Randall Monk, Executive Facilitator. As a member of the school’s faculty team, Fabienne assists Ronna and Randy in spreading Archangel Michael’s wisdom teachings.

The Quest For Mastery School aims to provide tools and support for those treading the pathway of ascension and en-light-enment. As well as providing seminars and courses about Archangel Michael’s teachings and techniques, the school offers those who have a desire to teach the possibility to become QFM Certified Facilitators/Teachers.

Randy, Fabienne and Ronna