What Quest For Mastery seminar attendees have to say about the techniques:

“I love it that QFM has crossed my path! For a long time, I had been looking for a spiritual practice that encompasses all areas of life but does without all the frills, and after a long search, this is the method that touches me most deeply. Being a Self Master is not an easy task (understatement!). But these meditations get you a lot closer. Practicing the techniques is a celebration because it feels awesome to be so close to yourself, your Guides and your Angels. AA Michael and Ronna have found a loving and gifted guide in Fabienne, who shares their knowledge and insights with us with integrity and a great sense of humor. “Do not begrudge yourself this gift!”


“My life has really changed in a positive way since the Quest For Mastery seminar. I have a lot more confidence, know myself better, and stand more in my power than ever before. For this, I want to thank you and Archangel Michael from the bottom of my heart.”


“By regularly practicing Archangel Michael’s teachings I have come to terms with my past, so I presently appreciate myself more and can let others be who they want to be. Since I now respond from a loving perspective, my boyfriend has also changed and our relationship has equally deepened. I feel more balanced and it happens only rarely that negative energies upset me emotionally. The people around me seem to sense a change, they approach me more often and I am often complimented, which is always nice … ”


“The weekend during which I attended QFM I and II taught by Fabienne made me more aware of my own strength but certainly also of the power of the Ascended Masters and Angels!  By learning, experiencing and applying the beautiful teachings of this weekend I’m experiencing a richer, fuller and warmer life … Someone’s always watching over you!”


“I’ve been applying the techniques for quite some time already. The feeling is that you are closer to home in the 5th dimension, you feel more love, happiness and bliss. This is true.”


“QFM l and certainly QFM ll help me back onto my path, and show me who I am, even though this is difficult to accept. When you do this in the end, your life and the world are filled with love and light.”